President's Column

Hello Fellow Gearheads

Welcome to the Club!

It has been a long time since the last column, and much has happened. On the SAAC national side of things, the lawsuit between Carroll Shelby and SAAC has been settled. As with most lawsuits, terms will not be disclosed the the members. SAAC is planning on having future conventions located along the East Coast for the next few years while the club recovers from the high costs of litigation.

SAAC has also shipped out the new Registries; containing info on all things Cobra and GT40 related. The volume is quite impressive and contains a lot of new information and photos that have not been in publication before now. The Registry is kind of pricey and are available through SAAC Headquarters and are also being sold through the Shelby American Collection.

Work has now commenced on putting information together for the GT350/GT500/Trans-Am Registry. The planned publish date for this volume is 2010. If you have any info on these cars, please submit it to the appropriate registrar.

The Old Car Council Cruise on Colfax seemed to have a decent turnout of cars at the Invesco Field and Lakewood locations. The event did not make any money for the Council and OCC is planning on having the event again next year and is looking for suggestions to make it a better event.
Paving has commenced at the CAMA track near Byers. The first layer of asphalt is down and will cure before the final layer is applied. The funding drive is ongoing to now provide for track amenities , such as a track tower and paving in the paddock area. I am sure that once the track is generating revenue that improvement will continue to be made to this facility.
CECA will have one final event this year at the State Patrol Facility in Golden. Sunday, November 2nd we will run unless we have snow on the ground. Details will be forthcoming.

The Shelby American Collection will have their annual fundraiser on the first Saturday in December and Carroll Shelby is planning on attending as of this writing. I have not heard yet of other special guests that will be attending.

The club Christmas party will be held at LULU's once again and will be on Sunday, December 14th. Nancy Meier is working on the details.
Club election are on the agenda for the November meeting. If you wish to become more involved in the club...please let us know.
Our August meeting was at Ed's Classic's in Arvada. George and Ed were great hosts and for a shop that has only been open a couple of months, they had a bunch of cars awaiting attention. Georges 67 GT500 is almost complete and looks to be almost ready for the show circuit! Ed will do work ranging from normal repairs and maintenance to complete show quality work.

The October meeting will be held at Club Workshow. This is a neat concept for those of us that do not have all the skills or tools or room to work on a project. For a fee you can have shop access and guidance to plan and build, from start to finish almost anything in wood, plastic, or steel. This could be one of our neatest tours of the year.

Hope to see you soon, Joe.